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IPowerE history

The Institution was established in 1913 as the Diesel Engine Users Association. Its objectives are to serve its membership by advancing the design, development, manufacture, application, operation and maintenance of reciprocating internal combustion engines, gas turbines and their related fields.  In 1983 it broadened its focus becoming the Institution of Diesel & Gas Turbine Engineers (IDGTE).

To reflect the more modern practices of today in 2019 we became The Institution of Power Engineers (IPowerE).

The Institution continues today with its unique “user” focus for the operation of these prime movers and has produced an annual Operational Report featuring factual operational data since 1923. Comparison is made to alternative forms of energy conversion technologies thus representing an independent overview of prime mover options for transport, marine and industrial plant.

The Institution is responsible for the presentation of technical papers, conferences, open forum discussions and technical visits. It promotes understanding and product development which has been invaluable in progressing through a number of learning curves – most of which relate to a use of a variety of fossil and non fossil fuel types, whilst constantly improving fuel consumption and reducing exhaust emissions.

Social events include the annual luncheon that enables valuable business networking, and is always well attended.

Membership is available to those having extensive experience in operation of prime movers and ancillary plant, in addition to those who are more highly qualified academically.

Overseas membership extends to individuals in over 30 countries and, in particular, Canada, MENA and SOUTH ASIA where we have IPowerE branches.

The IPowerE heritage activities include visits, lectures and papers relating to all aspects of reciprocating engines and gas turbines.