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Welcome to IPowerE


Our mission is to serve our members and the industry by encouraging the sharing of knowledge in the field of power and energy and to advance conceptual thought, design, development, manufacture, application, operation and maintenance of power and energy plant and systems.


We strive to be the leading independent international forum for networking and promotion of knowledge in the field of power and energy.

You are invited to be part of IPowerE. Join a unique professional organisation dedicated to your industry and
extend your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by participating in IPowerE meetings, technical visits
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Have an article published in the Journal

The IPowerE welcomes technical articles for publication from members and non-members. They can relate to your recent experiences or those sometime in the past.

We are interested in articles which cover topics such as,

-  A description of a new plant or process, commissioning experience of such plant or processes, Performance of such plant.

-  A description of a new development/ process

-  Personal experience of a particular period as an engineer

We invite you to send in any ideas and suggestions (title and one paragraph introduction) for articles to the Bedford Office for consideration for publication in the Journal.

IPowerE’s Operational Report

New Submissions Welcomed

The IPowerE Annual Operational Report is an important report and a unique compilation of data of value to the Power Industry worldwide, including owners, operators, financial bodies, manufacturers and consulting engineers. The report is made available to all Contributing Power Owners/ Operators and all IPowerE members. Our objective is to encourage the sharing of information within the power industry for improved availability, reliability and safety of operations in the industry as a whole.  Contributors provide data for the report covering engines and all forms of generating plant including reciprocating engines, gas turbines, combined cycle plants, conventional steam plant, hydro plants and renewables including solar, wind, and hydro plants.

We invite you to review the Operational Report page

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11th International Power Conference

Power Technologies for the Energy Transition

7th November – Afternoon Workshop

8th and 9th November – Conference

MeetPoint Midlands Kegworth DE74 2DA

This conference builds on the established and acclaimed international IDGTE biennial Gas Turbine conference events first held 21 years ago.  It now broadens the genre and topics, offering a unique opportunity to listen to industry experts describe the latest developments in power generation storage and grid stability, looking at the engineering, technology and application of these key elements of the Energy Transition.

Globally, the power generation sector is addressing the challenge of the climate
emergency. We are now seeing a clear transition to new power grid configurations

that will require significant renewable penetration and allow energy supply in a
flexible way.  

CPD - Attending will not only give you access to industry leaders, it will also make a
notable addition your CPD.

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IPowerE Policy Post COP26- A Brief Statement

The UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) has highlighted that an unprecedented shift in progress will be needed to enable governments worldwide achieve Net Zero Strategies by 2050.  

In the lead up to COP26 the UK’s Net Zero Strategy has been discussed as part of the most recent IPOWERE Webinar Series during which the UK’s ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution was discussed by industry experts.

The Institution of Power Engineers continues to focus on the development of clean energy technology developments worldwide; developments across different sectors of power generation, energy storage and the hydrogen economy. In all the current  planning of IPowerE  activities we are ensuring that the expected industrial revolution, improved technology and new technology developments are being addressed.

All IPowerE members are welcomed to actively assist IPowerE in achieving these objectives and new members are encouraged to join IPowerE and be part of these developments.